If you’re looking for ways to be awesome on a Saturday in LA…this may be the a chance for you to boost your “i’m a cool kid” status. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am talking about art walks!
Art walks are fun. Everybody goes to them, especially in Los Angeles. Everyone  pretends to conceptualize art, proceed to getting drunk and inevitably getting laid. That isn’t necessarily how it’ll turn out for EVERYBODY, but , nevertheless, you’re locked in to have a pretty good time. 

Well, Echo Park is holding it’s annual ECHO PARK ART WALK and we (Backside Echo Park) are involved! This is a good chance to come see and partake in a very fun, friendly neighborhood. There will be all types of art work everywhere, as well as live music and sales. 

BACKSIDE will be joining in on the day’s festivities with:

15-25% Off Sale!

Artwork by renowned  artist DAVID FLORES

Live Art in front of our shop by Agapito Doronio

In-store band MOTHERS OF GUT playing at 7:30pm!

Needless to say, our day will be packed with all types of shenanigans. We think you’ll enjoy it. Be a pal and stop by.