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I remember driving up the 5 fwy from Highland Park around 2007 and seeing Trigz name up all the way up to the San Fernando Valley. I was impressed on the the amount of spots he had caught. From heaven bombs to landmark tags, Trigz was up. It wasn’t ’til later in 2008 when I finally met him. We met briefly at a party a mutual friend of my had invited me too. Very humble from the day we first met, Trigz always keep it real.

The the amount of work he put in the tattoo world and in the streets, Trigz gave is name value and launched his apparel line. Backside was one of the first shops to carry his t-shirts collection. His signature Los Angeles Tag T-shirt and West Coast tattoo script were a few of the first designs we carried. As we continued to build the relationship with Trigz, we pitched a collaboration t-shirt ‘Backside x Trigz’. We were able to develop a design for the collaboration, but we didn’t get a chance to finalize the final version. Trigz life taken on the evening of Thursday October 9th, 2014. The sad news was a big impact to the store. Backside will continue to push with the collaboration and donate all proceeds to his family.

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Trigz Posted in front of our shop. Rest in Paradise homie.
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Stop by the shop, and pick up a @mr_trigz t-shirt or tank top. The money will be going to Trigz GoFundMe to support funeral costs and his family. Rip Trigz.


Soulful singer/rapper Eric Biddines released Planet Coffeebean 2 (Deluxe) album October 7th, 2014. Featuring five new bonus tracks, a 10-page digital booklet of original art by Eric Biddines himself, and the song “Railroads 2/Independence Day” as an iTunes “Instagrat” track. Album is now available on iTunes.

Planet Coffeebean 2 couldn’t have came at a better time. As our seasons change, our mood tends to shift to a much chiller vibe. Eric Biddines captures that feeling in Planet Coffeebean 2. With pre released tracks like Coffee Cup and bonus track Souf, the album creates a vibrant sound that can be played anytime of the day.

Eric Biddines sends a strong message with the follow up to “Railroads Down/ Unfinished,” with ”Railroads Down 2/ Independence Day.” Eric compares his time in the music industry to that of a slave on a plantation. A metaphor for the constraints he feels the music industry puts on artists

“In some ways you feel like a slave to the format,” Eric says. “I’ve seen so many restrictions like, ‘This is how it’s going to be. It’s not going to change. This is how it’s got to be done,’ and I’m saying, ‘What can I do to break the mold? It can’t be what everybody is telling me it’s supposed to be.’ And that’s where I took over. There can be a new way, I want to bring something new to this whole community. I feel like I have a voice. So it’s supposed to be super inspiring in that sense, but a little exaggerated because it’s slavery with the music [industry].”

An over all great album and a must listen to. Purchase album on iTunes Eric Biddines Planet Coffeebean 2


1. Zero Population
2. Railroads Down/ Unfinished
3. Bad Broads
4. Coffee Cup
5. Lay In You
6. 2′s and 4′s
7. Message In a Bottle (Bonus Verse/Video Version)
8. Stripper Documentary
9. Purple Gold Fishes
10. Claire Huxtable
11. I Am
12. Souf (Bonus)
13. The Window (Bonus)
14. Doors Off (Bonus)
15. Railroads Down 2/ Independence Day (Bonus)

- @theolainez

On October 7th, Caribou aka Dan Snaith’s fifth full – length record ‘Our Love’ will be released via Merge Records. ‘Our Love’ is a highly anticipated album that will follow up to Caribou’s 2010 LP, ‘Swim.’ This record is magnificent and is packed with electronic density. The first single on this record ‘Can’t Do Without You’ proved to be remarkable because it has over 3 million plays since Pitchfork listed the track on their top 200 songs of the decade. Caribou’s second single and my favorite track on the record is ‘Our Love.’ This track has an unexplainable feel to it, in other words, it gives me the chills every time I listen to it. Here at Backside Records, we have direct contact with Merge Records and we will always carry records from Caribou. Expect to see ‘Our Love’ in our crates on October 7th.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Caribou – Our Love


- Darone Sassounian


Leaving Records is a Los Angeles based independent label run by Matthew David McQueen aka Matthewdavid and Jesslissa Morretti. This label is know for its ambient, experimental, and electronic influenced sounds. Also, the label mainly focuses on cassette tape releases. The label has been up and running since 2009. In 2013, Stones Throw announced that they will be the exclusive distributor of Leaving Records. On September 27, Stones Throw hosted a remarkable pop up shop on Cassette Store Day. There were releases from Madvillain, J Dilla, and Guilty Simpson. Nestled in the storefront basement of Stones Throw, I saw shirts that were for sale that had the ‘Leaving Records’ logo on it. Then I saw Matthewdavid hanging out by the Leaving Records merchandise. I kindly introduced myself  and he did the same in return. Being a fan of his solo music and the work he puts into Leaving Records, I got to briefly speak to Matthew about the cassettes he had put up alongside the Stones Throw releases. He recommended I buy ‘Ssaliva – Pantani’ and I didn’t hesitate to give it a try. By the way, before walking over to the counter to grab the cassette, Matthew asked if I wanted it in vinyl format, super nice of him. But in true spirit of Cassette Store Day, I had to buy the Ssaliva Record on cassette. ‘Pantani’ is Ssaliva’s (Francois Boulanger) second full – length record on Leaving Records, and it is very tranquil, calm, yet complex. This record was influenced by the artists travels throughout the year of 2013, and I believe it allows me (and all listeners of this record) to close my eyes and think of a warm and healing place. I cant choose which track is my favorite because the entire record feels as though it is a long and continuos track. This is a good thing. The next tape I saw for sale that night was ‘Dntel – Human Voice’. This record is very similar to the ambient sounding ‘Pantani’, yet it is a bit more electronic. It even has natural sounds that have been recorded through a tape recorder. Dntel aka Jimmy Tamborello’s record also has warm and timeless sounds oozing out of it which allows the human mind to imagine vastly. My favorite track off of this record is ‘If I Stay a Minute.’ The third and final tape that was being sold via Leaving Records was ‘Ras G – Raw Fruit Vol.3′ Earlier this year, I wrote a review on Ras G’s Raw Fruit Vol. 1-2. This record is similar to Raw Fruit Vol. 1 and 2. It is heavy when it comes to the sounds of drums and bass. Raw Fruit Vol.3 is also influenced by reggae music, psychedelia, raw hip hop instrumentals, and I could faintly hear jazz. My favorite track is ‘Walk With Me’ which features Khalil Sadiqq. There is a record that hasnt been released yet and I am fortunate to hear. It is called ‘The Snake’ by Brogan Bentley. This record is dark, ambient, and has a mysterious feel to it. It should definitely be on your “records to purchase” list. Also, Leaving Records has released music by ‘MNDSGN’ who recently released a full length LP via Stones Throw. As for Matthew, he released his second full length LP ‘In My World’ via Flying Lotus’ record label ‘Brainfeeder. Cassettes are back in stock at Backside Records, and I guarantee that we carry and will continue to carry cassettes from both Stones Throw and Leaving Records.

Music by Ssaliva

‘If I Stay a Minute’ by Dntel

Boiler Room set by Ras G

‘In My World’ by Matthewdavid

Matthewdavid turning heads at Cake Shop NYC

Logo for Leaving Records



- Darone Sassounian



On September 23rd, New York City based Indie Rock group ‘The Drums’ released their highly anticipated album ‘Encyclopedia’ via Minor Records. Being a fan of The Drums, I highly appraise their self titled album ‘The Drums’ and sophomore album ‘Portamento.’ Their self titled album allowed them to gain fans from all over the world by setting a certain sound to their music. However, in my opinion ‘Portamento’ was a better LP. I believe every track on that record had a darker and more matured tone to it. ‘Portamento’ reminded me of a few influential bands from the past, such as Joy Division, The Smiths, and The Cure. I was supposed to see The Drums perform at the El Rey Theatre on May 14, 2012, but unfortunately couldn’t make it. From what I heard, that was a very intimate and amazing show. Later on that year, Jonny Pierce (the lead singer of The Drums) announced that he’d be working on a solo project and that he’d be taking a break from The Drums. So, you could already imagine, I was very mad at myself for not making it to that show at the El Rey. By updating myself on The Drums in the past couple years, I read that the group nearly broke up and dissolved. Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham, who have been close friends since childhood, decided to continue The Drums without the past members. So for the time being they are a musical duo. At first I thought; “Sure, The Drums have a new LP thats been recorded, it’s exciting because I love the band, but will they be the same?” After listening to Encyclopedia I realized that they are not the same as before, they’re better. Songs such as “Let Me”, “Deep In My Heart”, and “I Hope Time Doesn’t Change Him” are solid tracks that prove that The Drums never lost their touch, and for some fans such as myself, they are better than before. Backside Records currently carries the new release ‘Encyclopedia’ and we always restock on ‘The Drums’ and ‘Portamento’. For those of you who would like to see The Drums perform live, they will be at The Mayan Theatre on Sunday October 5, 2014.


Jonny and Jacob, don’t ever break up The Drums…ever!



- Darone Sassounian

We arrived to the Murs316 Stage Sunday Afternoon. Bummed we missed the homies Pterodactyl Jones set, we headed over to the beer garden to grab some brews. Cool thing about the beer garden was that it over looked the Murs316 Stage. Awesome place to enjoy a beer and live Hip Hop. Sunday’s line up was looking promising.


HBK was in the house as IAMSU! represented for the bay as the crowd got wavy to jams like “Only That Real”


Seeing N.O.R.E was bit nostalgic for myself. I remember in 02 watching”Nothing” on MTV and spitting the intro as it played. N.O.R.E. was that dude. Being backed by Alchemist the due brought out the gems.


And if you’re wondering if N.O.R.E. performed “Oye Mi Canto”… He sure did.


Killer Mike and Dj Trackstar took stage after N.O.R.E classic performance. The nostalgia continued as Killer Mike performed his classic as well.


He also did classic he had been featured on like Outkast “The Whole World” and Bone Crushers “Never Scared”


El- P joined Killer Mike to perform as Run The Jewels, who just got signed to Nas’s label, Mass Appeal Records FYI.


The night wasn’t over yet. Dj Quik and his band of talented musicians closed out the Murs316 Stage. This being the third time seeing Quik performed, I was amazed on how well he conducted his band and how he fine tuned the sound before breaking in to his music.


Dubs up high as DJ Quick spoke to the crowd on creating music and keeping music alive in this day and age.


Seeing the success and variations that the stage had over the weekend, I look forward to what the future has in store for the Murs316 Stage at the Sunset Music Festival.  Good times, awesome people, great  environment; the Sunset Strip is a good place for the Murs316 Stage.

Additional photos by @itsalexcampos

- @theolainez  



Over the weekend the famous Sunset Strip held its annual Sunset Strip Music Festival. Famous for their multiple event venues located on the blvd, SSMF brought together a line up of artist like Jane’s Addiction, Empire of the Sun, Mayer Hawthorne. This year SSMF partnered up with Murs and added the Murs316 Stage. With the absence of major Hip Hop festivals like Rock The Bells and Paid Dues, Southern California was due for an event like this. Headliners like Dj Quik and Bun B gave the stage a presence over the weekend. Backside linked up with the festival to give away a pair of tickets to SSMF as well as cover the event.


Day 1 started off around 3pm after having lunch over at Chick-Fil-A. We arrived at the festival in time to catch Long Beach natives, Aston Matthews and Joy Fatts over at the MURS316 Stage. As always, the due brought the energy and got everyone going. Bangers like ‘Scott Steiner’ and ‘Like This’ had the crowd bouncing.


Rhymesayers/Doom Tree emcee P.O.S broke the barriers and jumped into the crowd as the sun set over the Sunset Strip. Not only did he bring the people closer and unleashed an energetic performance.


Funk Volume was also present as Dizzy Wright took stage with a live band backing him.


The time had come for everyone to “bring out the rice”. Jody HighRoller aka Riff Raff came out stunning  tip toeing in his Jordans. Probably my favorite performance of the night tbh. Not only did he rock out to “Kokayne”, but also got his hair braided as he performed “Lil Mama I’m Sorry.”



AYYYYYEEEEE!!! The Trill Og himself closed out the stage with the presences of Estevan Oriol and his brothers. In which he surprised them by having the whole crowd sing happy birthday while on stage. UGK was definitely  in the house as Bun B performed their hits and honored his UGK affiliate Pimp C.



Over all, Day 1 was a success. It was great seeing new acts mesh with older acts on a stage that can only be hosted by the LA Hip Hop curator, Murs.


IT HAS ARRIVED!!! Our first installment to our Q&A series titled “A Quickie w/ Backside.”  We’re very fortunate to attend big events where we bump elbows with some of our generations iconic figures in the lifestyle that we all live in. Theo Lainez, coordinator of “A Quickie w/ Backside” teamed up with Backside staff member Kenny and videographer ET, to put together this segment. The first episode takes place in Las Vegas, NV at Modern Assembly.  Featuring DMC of Run DMC, Dimepiece LA, Patrick Liberty of Akomplice, and Carrot Top (Yes, Carrot Top). With the idea in mind and no script to follow, we explored the trade show to seek interviews and bring y’all exclusive info that not even TMZ can get you. Enjoy the first of many episode to come.

- @theolainez

On September 9th, Toronto based Noise Rock duo, Death From Above 1979, released their long awaited second LP ‘The Physical World.’  Fans can finally rejoice after waiting ten years of listening to the bands first LP ‘You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine’ over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine’  is an incredible record, but a new record from DFA1979 was long over due. Was it worth the wait? Of course it was! ‘The Physical World’ hits hard with Sebastien Grainger’s intense drumming and punk influenced vocal delivery, and Jesse F. Keeler’s heavy bass play. Everything about ‘The Physical World’ screams Death From Above 1979! This album sounds like it was recorded in 2004 along with “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine’. My favorite tracks off of this record are ‘Government Trash’ and ‘Gemini.’ There could be so many things one can say about Death From Above 1979, but that would take up so much from the one important thing that we should all do, and that is to listen to the record. Overall, I believe that this is a solid sophomore LP for the duo and it will open the gates for more music and live performances for the future. Death From Above 1979 will be performing in Los Angeles at The Regent Landmark Theatre on November 14.



- Darone Sassounian