But a flatiron at work? I fear my colleagues would suspect

Eye and Ear in Boston is the world’s largest vision and hearing research center, offering hope and healing to patients everywhere through discovery and innovation. Mass. Eye and Ear is a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital and trains future medical leaders in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, through residency as well as clinical and research fellowships.

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fake oakleys You know, the person you smell coming from the parking lot. Especially in the summer, I think it’s a fair request to go heavier on the deodorant and lighter on the fragrance.And then there’s the tip that suggests leaving a flatiron at work. Yes, there have been times when I caught my reflection in the ladies room mirror and wondered: “Why did I even bother brushing my hair this morning?”Florida’s humidity can make short work of a glossy, straightened bob.But a flatiron at work? I fear my colleagues would suspect amorous activity that didn’t involve my husband should they see me wielding hairstyling tools at the office sink.InStyle’s final suggestion for becoming more polished? Becoming a morning person.I’m not sure that’s a trait you can choose. fake oakleys

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