The KONGpilaton EP Is Here!

The KONGpilaton EP Is Here!

The KONGpilation EP is the latest release from New York native, King K.O.N.G. The EP consists of 6 songs and 2 vignettes that have been complied over the last year and a half. Initially many of the songs were first intended for an album. This project runs the gamut as it hosts features from Emilio Rojas, Omar Aura, as well as usual collaborators JGramm Beats, AVN, Teck-Zilla, and Chef Reed. Accompanied with this project is the short film “Requiem For A KONG” which really sets the tone for the entire EP. This is for all the hip-hop and rap music lovers that can dig an East coast flow with true aspects of the “jungle” city lifestyle that King K.O.N.G knows. Be sure to check out the new music on the website and follow up on soundcloud 

Shown below are the songs from The KONGpilation EP!


Universal – AVN – King K.O.N.G

The Bringer (feat. Sonyae)

Super Rock

Games (feat. AVN)

When Will It End

The Florist

Kongo Feat. Omar Aura & Emilio Rojas

The Contradictionary Radio Version




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