Rest In Paint, Trigz

Rest In Paint, Trigz

I was in Brazil when I woke up and saw the Backside IG post about him. Couldn’t believe it. I had seen Trigz walk through our doors for about 15 years, always with a smile. He was the man that people would judge based off of his appearance, but upon meeting him, would really understand the common concept of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” We all grew to become friends with him over the years and as time went by he began to gain more fame in the San Fernando Valley, and eventually around the world. I can’t even tell you how many of my personal friends had some sort of connection with him. The one thing I would hear the most about Trigz, was his ability to be a real genuine person. He was a father, a husband and a friend to many.


We actually met this past summer at the store to start working on a project we had lightly touched on in the past. In the past year, Backside had launched our in-house Backside Brand and we wanted to start doing creative projects. One of the first people that popped in my head to work with was Trigz. We had just started selling his tees, he was a local SFV legend, he knows us, it made full sense to work hard to make this happen. We set the date for the meeting and when he walked in, it hit me that I was nervous. What if when I pitched it to him he said ‘NO’? I’d have to put my tail between legs and think of plan B. When we sat down in my office and discussed it, he was immediately in. He told me before we left, “I just want YOU to know that I’m honored to do something like this with you guys.” My reaction was like, “NO, I’m the one HONORED here homie!” It was a perfect meeting, and he decided to start sketching ideas that coming week. The following is what he emailed me mid summer 2014.


I recently got in touch with Honey, his wife, and got the clearance to release the tee as it was intended. We, Backside, send our deepest condolences to his family at this time. 100% of the profits of this tee will be donated to his family to help with any extra expenses incurred during this difficult time. The tee can be found HERE and will ship on/before 12/29/14. RIP Trigz, we miss you homie.

-Eric F

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