Sunset Strip Music Festival | Murs 3:16 Stage D2

Sunset Strip Music Festival | Murs 3:16 Stage D2

We arrived to the Murs316 Stage Sunday Afternoon. Bummed we missed the homies Pterodactyl Jones set, we headed over to the beer garden to grab some brews. Cool thing about the beer garden was that it over looked the Murs316 Stage. Awesome place to enjoy a beer and live Hip Hop. Sunday’s line up was looking promising.


HBK was in the house as IAMSU! represented for the bay as the crowd got wavy to jams like “Only That Real”


Seeing N.O.R.E was bit nostalgic for myself. I remember in 02 watching”Nothing” on MTV and spitting the intro as it played. N.O.R.E. was that dude. Being backed by Alchemist the due brought out the gems.


Yes N.O.R.E. perform “Oye Mi Canto”…


Killer Mike and Dj Trackstar took stage after N.O.R.E classic performance. The nostalgia continued as Killer Mike performed his classic as well.


He also did classic he had been featured on like Outkast “The Whole World” and Bone Crushers “Never Scared”


El- P joined Killer Mike to perform as Run The Jewels, who just got signed to Nas’s label, Mass Appeal Records.


The night wasn’t over yet. Dj Quik and his band of talented musicians closed out the Murs316 Stage. This being the third time seeing Quik performed, I was amazed on how well he conducted his band and how he fine tuned the sound before breaking in to his music.8

Dubs up high as DJ Quick spoke to the crowd on creating music and keeping music alive in this day and age.


Seeing the success and variations that the stage had over the weekend, I look forward to what the future has in store for the Murs316 Stage at the Sunset Music Festival.  Good times, awesome people, great  environment; the Sunset Strip is a good place for the Murs316 Stage.

Additional photos by @itsalexcampos

– @theolainez  

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