Eric Biddiness Planet Coffeebean 2 Recap

Eric Biddiness Planet Coffeebean 2 Recap

Soulful singer/rapper Eric Biddines released Planet Coffeebean 2 (Deluxe) album October 7th, 2014. Featuring five new bonus tracks, a 10-page digital booklet of original art by Eric Biddines himself, and the song “Railroads 2/Independence Day” as an iTunes “Instagrat” track. Album is now available on iTunes.

Planet Coffeebean 2 couldn’t have came at a better time. As our seasons change, our mood tends to shift to a much chiller vibe. Eric Biddines captures that feeling in Planet Coffeebean 2. With pre released tracks like Coffee Cup and bonus track Souf, the album creates a vibrant sound that can be played anytime of the day.

Eric Biddines sends a strong message with the follow up to “Railroads Down/ Unfinished,” with “Railroads Down 2/ Independence Day.” Eric compares his time in the music industry to that of a slave on a plantation. A metaphor for the constraints he feels the music industry puts on artists

“In some ways you feel like a slave to the format,” Eric says. “I’ve seen so many restrictions like, ‘This is how it’s going to be. It’s not going to change. This is how it’s got to be done,’ and I’m saying, ‘What can I do to break the mold? It can’t be what everybody is telling me it’s supposed to be.’ And that’s where I took over. There can be a new way, I want to bring something new to this whole community. I feel like I have a voice. So it’s supposed to be super inspiring in that sense, but a little exaggerated because it’s slavery with the music [industry].”

An over all great album and a must listen to. Purchase album on iTunes Eric Biddines Planet Coffeebean 2


1. Zero Population
2. Railroads Down/ Unfinished
3. Bad Broads
4. Coffee Cup
5. Lay In You
6. 2’s and 4’s
7. Message In a Bottle (Bonus Verse/Video Version)
8. Stripper Documentary
9. Purple Gold Fishes
10. Claire Huxtable
11. I Am
12. Souf (Bonus)
13. The Window (Bonus)
14. Doors Off (Bonus)
15. Railroads Down 2/ Independence Day (Bonus)

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